How do I change my CNAME record through Host Gator?

IMPORTANT: If you already have a website at your domain name and you set a CNAME record pointed at PitchMagic, then your existing website will no longer work. If that’s the case, you’ll probably want to purchase a new domain name. You can view instructions on the Domain Name page in your PitchMagic account.

With HostGator, you should be able to request access to your domain name settings separately.

HostGator’s domain address is which you’ll need a separate username and password to access.

Once you’re logged into your domain name settings:

Under DNS Information, choose “Default”

After that, under Host Records, you’ll need to make it the following. The pipe | characters separate each heading from left to right:

Host Name | Address | Record Type
* | A set of numbers that appears after you chose “Default” | A (Address)
@ | | URL Redirect
www | | CNAME (Alias)